Alabama Shakes. The bar has been set.

Love at first listen.

I have always thought of myself as having an eclectic taste in music.  Let’s just say that my taste has evolved in recent months.  My iPod…lol, or now I guess I should just call it my music library…has always had a good mix from the classic Mary J Blige, SWV, Boyz II Men, Tupac, Biggie, Florence and the Machine, Stevie Nicks, Amel Larrieux, and Evanescence to the more modern Eminem, The Roots, Fall Out Boy, One Republic, Lecrae, Logic, Lupe Fiasco, Adele, Halsey, Jessie J, The Internet, Bastille, How to Dress Well, Sia, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, The Weeknd, Jhene Aiko, and now Alabama Shakes.  Whew!  If I were to continue, this blog would be a list of all the artists in my library.

I realized that music, especially good music, is like a good book for me, even like a good entree.  The more I listen, the more I read, the more I have to have, the more I want to taste it.  So streaming music and creating my own radio stations has opened the doors to so many musical possibilities, that I must say are truly endless.

This has been my go to accessory since my second year in grad school:

Note how the headphones seem to elevate one’s mood.  What started off as a pretty boring day inside a cubicle, trying to decipher, code, and organize data has transformed into a groove theory type of day.  Well, not really, but I think you get the gist.  The music that flows through these headphones not only comes with mean hooks and sultry, soul soaked melodies, and head banging beat boxes, but it also just helps you forget where you are for a second…or for hours on end.  That is an amazing feeling.  To physically be in one place, but to mentally, spiritually be elevated to a level so high that it seems almost impossible to come down.

When it first started, this blog was going to be about how much I love this band.  Doesn’t the opening title seem like it?  But perhaps, just perhaps, I’m asking you to shake things up a bit.  Expand the reaches of your ears.  Don’t stick to one genre, to one region, to just one distinct sound.  This isn’t even a rant about music.  This isn’t even about what sounds grind my gears.  This is about those songs that just grind my worries to a halt sometimes.  How they move me, groove me, make me want to rock out.  It doesn’t take much, but when it happens, a good melody, a good song is enough to turn the tide of the day…the moment.  It’s enough to change a memory, to change perspective.  A good song can make the difference between a rough workout and owning your climb to achieving your best mile, your highest jumping jack, or your longest plank.

It’s okay to plug in those headphones, or throw on those Beats, or those Bose and pretend that you’re walking in your own theme song.  Believe it or not, this actually helps me, moves me to say hello or goodbye.  Work on your own masterpiece, remember how the things you say and do are like a boomerang and they come back to you, try not to forget the words that you may not remember.  Allow yourself to be moved by, to get lost by the words and melodies and I think you will be more than pleased.

I should know…I do it all the time and it takes me to places that I didn’t even think existed.  Get lost sometimes, let the music take you away.


Author: stormcloudsblog

Public health warrior. Social justice soulja. Sushi lover. Adorer of animals. Lover. Fighter. Waiting to exhale. Avid reader. Movie buff. Will slash a walker, brace for winter and break bad-all in the name of love.

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