About these Storm Clouds…


My name is Kaniqua (kuh-knee-kwuh) and this is my attempt to share with you the portrait, the thoughts, the joys and triumphs of my life.  Or, I guess I should say, these are about my storm clouds.  The storm that thrives in my mind, the clouds that hold the precipitation of my thoughts, and how I choose to let them break free.

I’m verbose at times, and at others I can be much more concise.  I’m a 31 year old that’s been through some things, and ready to see what else life throws at me.  This blog is about my fiancé  and me, but mostly me 😉  Be prepared to explore and view my journey to beat cancer, my take on music and food, my short stories, and my rants and ravings about what society has shown us through today, and just about whatever else crosses my mind.  Tune in for our somewhat regular updates and I hope to keep you entertained and inspired.  


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